Home Remedies for Children Diarrhea (Loose Motion)


Loose Motion is common in all age group of children, due to intake of unhealthy food, food Poisoning and intake of street food which is unclean.

Extract mint juice from fresh mint leaves by beating it in a blender and draining its juice. To a teaspoon of mint leaf extract add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lime juice. Mix them well and consume this mixture. Take this mixture two to three times daily for two to three days to get rid of loose motions.

Here are list of some food which may stop Loose Motion

  • hot cereals, such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, or rice porridge.
  • bananas.
  • applesauce.
  • plain white rice.
  • bread or toast.
  • boiled potatoes.
  • unseasoned crackers.
  • with all these drink plenty of water with glucose powder.

Avoid oily and Bakery food during Loose Motion and have more Butter milk and curd, it can give you some energy to your body.

After taking home remedies , if diarrhea continues more than two days please consult doctor.



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